Dear Fellow Club Member,

We write to you today, as President and Chairman, with a plea on behalf of our Club. The plea concerns the very substance of the Club moving forward. Please allow us a few lines to explain. The Club traditionally makes a lot of its money towards the end of the season. There are many end of season events (penultimate home lunch 28/3) sponsors lunch (18/4) and May Ball (22/5) that generate income We lost the Canterbury City Lunch today (19/3)

These compensate most seasons for some of the larger expenditure that occurs through the playing part of the season. This year, we face an unprecedented situation. With the arrival of Coronavirus, we see all rugby stopped for the rest of the season and the cancellation of these fund-raising events. This has dire financial consequences for the Club and its very survival.

The Executive Committee have met and considered all possible ways to mitigate the situation. We are cutting costs already wherever we can, but we will still be left with a gap at the end of the year that will cause the Club financial distress and facing bankruptcy.

For this reason we write to you in these exceptional times to ask each and every one of you to make a one off donation of 100 pounds to the Club or whatever you can afford in order to keep the clubs finances in order and to allow us to continue to provide the services we do moving forward. Of course, if anybody can afford more that will be gratefully received as well. To make the donation please press on button below

We appreciate that these are difficult times for all, but we ask that you consider your Rugby Club, and the very foundation stones of its future. We truly hope you can help us with this one-off donation. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering the Club and its community.

Giles and Greg

Donations can be made via