Departures Announcement
Canterbury RFC

It is with a very heavy heart that I must inform you that Candy Clark (Administrator) and Andy Pratt (Head of Rugby) have been released from their employment with CRFC.
It’s incumbent upon me, as your chairman to give you the reasons for this. Covid 19 has had a devastating effect on the income of the rugby club. We have lost revenues from the end of last season and all of the social events around it, and we are facing a challenging future with reduction of sponsorship and other revenues at the start of our new financial year. This virus has forced us all to think the unthinkable, and my duty to you is to plan sensibly for the future. We have had to take actions that we never thought we would be necessary, and we need to take these actions now to secure our club for many generations to come. We do so with huge regret, but equally with the knowledge that we are doing what we are obliged to do to ensure that this fantastic club and its greater community remains for future generations of local families.
Both Andy and Candy will be missed as diligent employees of the club. We sincerely hope that both of them will remain members of our great community and we look forward to welcoming them at future events as friends of all of us.

Giles Hilton, Chairman

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