At this time of year Easter Monday would normally see scores of returning tours..

Mums, Dads, and kids who will have had no sleep, some will have found the local brew to their liking and the younger members will probably be super charged on sweets!

But what will be common throughout is that new friendships will have been built amongst that touring party, with the host Club and fellow touring sides. Friendships that will last a lifetime…
So, what of 2020 then….?

Lockdown/Skype/Facetime/Zoom calls/Telephone calls and every manner of communication to loved ones… but bonds will have been developed in these troubled times and like a rugby tour will last a lifetime.

We should all remember our rugby family, but we should remember especially those key workers, those at the forefront who continue day and night to keep this country operational and those involved in the caring of the sick and elderly. We should all continue to heed the advice Stay Home, Help the NHS, Save Lives.
We should remember too, anyone who has been directly affected by this pandemic and reach out to them…if anyone needs help or advice then please turn in strictest confidence to James Limmer….by clicking on emailing

We should hold close to our hearts the words of Her Majesty The Queen ‘Better days will return, we will be with our friends again, we will be with our families again, we will meet again’.

There is a mountain to climb but climb it we will and face on the way what needs to be faced and deal with it.

Take care all.