Canterbury RFC

With the upcoming changes to how organisations can process your personal data and the introduction of GDPR,  Canterbury RFC have chosen to utilise the RFU Game Management System (GMS) to manage and administer all aspects of club membership. All other newsletters, events and marketing communications will be managed by Mailchimp.

Over the next few days the Membership will receive emails on how CRFC are achieving their responsibilities under GDPR.

One email will be sent to all current club members from the GMS system. This will include detailed instructions on how you can update your GMS profile and change what information you opt to receive from the RFU.

The other email will be sent to all those who currently receive the CRFC Newsletter. Again this will provide details on how you can continue to receive the Newsletter and other similar Club communications in the future.

If you have not yet signed up to the CRFC Newsletter then we encourage you to do so.


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