CRFC Membership Renewal 2020/21 – CRFC #ONECLUB Needs YOUR support!

Dear CRFC Member,

Thank you so much for your support over the past year. Its been a testing time for all. The majority of Associate and Parental memberships will expire at the end of this month (August 2020). WE NEED YOU TO RENEW ASAP PLEASE. Please read on for instructions.

Your club, like every other organisation has been hit by Covid 19. Your support via membership is the life blood of the club and supports all the great things we do. We fully appreciate that everybody has found this time hard, but we ask you to renew and support us for the next year. Although our costs increase each year, we have once again decided to freeze the membership costs in respect of the fact that Covid has touched us all.

In spite of everything, we have endeavoured to re-start coaching and training for senior teams and mini/youth sections. This all comes at a price, and we therefore request that all sections renew their membership with us to ensure that we can continue giving the services that we do. NB – If you are not a member, your are not insured. The RFU insurance is a good scheme but will only pay out if we have you registered.
Renewal is very easy, no forms to fill in or no queuing in the club house on a registration day!!!! Simply log on to your RFU/GMS account at:-

Enter your password when prompted, if you don’t know this or have forgotten it, you will find it at the bottom of any email you have received from the club via GMS including this email.

Once in your account if you are a Parental member please check all the details of you and your child(ren) are correct. If your child(ren) aren’t shown as listed then please add them to your account, then purchase your membership for 2020/21

When requested for a method of payment, those that are already have a DD mandate running on the FSI/GMS site, tick DD as the method of payment and your present DD will continue.
N.B. If you are one of the 40 or so members still paying your DD mandate via Smart Debit, please set up a new one via GMS and then remember to cancel the Smart Debit mandate with your bank, or drop Jeff Stoddard an email ( and he can do it for you. THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT PLEASE SO WE CAN MINIMISE THE TIME SPENT RUNNING 2 SYSTEMS!

We really need to eliminate smart debit to save costs. If you are not sure, please ask.

For the mini and youth membership, parents are also now responsible for registering (and de-registering) their charges with the RFU and instructions will be sent out very soon showing you how to do this.

Finally, Covid-19 Membership Cancellations

We fully appreciate some of you had allow your membership to lapse due to Covid-19. We would love you to renew your membership for the coming season.

When renewing there is a possibility that the system will add any outstanding fees from last season to your account. We have tried to clear as many of these as possible, but if any O/S mandate payments are added please let Jeff Stoddard know ( and he will get the O/S amounts cancelled for you.

Please, please renew, we need all the income we can get. This is going to be a tough season, but we know we can get through it with the fantastic community of sponsors and members that we have.

Thank you to one and all for your support. We are going to do everything possible to bring Covid 19 safe rugby to the club as soon as we can. We are closely following the guidelines of the RFU. If we cannot support with full rugby, we are currently working on other programs to ensure that the club will still resound to shouts, cheers and exercise for all those who want!

With my best wishes. Keep safe and looking forward to seeing you again soon at CRFC #Oneclub.

Yours all things CRFC
Giles or Jeff