Message from the President

Following the recent sad announcement of the departure of Andy Pratt and Candy Clark I wanted to add a couple of comments in recognition of both.

I think it’s fair to say that Canterbury Rugby Club and the community that surrounds it was very much at the heart of everything that Candy and Andy did. This might have involved persuading spectators to part with their cash for the half-time raffle on a cold Saturday afternoon , or herding lunch guests to take their seats on time, or chasing up slow or late payments, to checking on mini coaching sessions on a wet Sunday morning to sitting with a player discussing his or her non-rugby related concerns and anxieties. Both individuals would frequently go that extra mile to ensure the smooth running of the Club – that is Your Club.
Much of what they did would have been unseen and unknown by many members, but their contribution in their own way and over many years made a huge difference to the Club, so it is incredibly sad that the current virus-influenced situation has resulted in having to make this unprecedented decision.
I want to add my thanks, as President and personally, to both Candy and Andy for everything they have done for the Club, for you – the Club members, and for the wider Club community over the years, and I look forward to welcoming them under more relaxed circumstances once rugby eventually returns to Canterbury RFC.