After many long years of volunteering Digby is stepping down from the M&Y committee. As a result we am looking for a volunteer to fill the Youth Fixtures Sec. If you think you have what it takes email

Canterbury Rugby Club
Duties of the Junior Fixtures Secretary

The duties of the Junior Fixtures secretary fall into two main parts. Arrangement of the fixtures for the U12’s – U18’s ahead of the season and managing the fixtures as the season progresses on a week by week basis. This job description explains the main tasks, how to complete them and considerations to be made.

Arranging the Fixtures
The Structured Season Calendar:
The starting point for organizing the fixtures is the “Structured Season” calendar published by Kent RFU Mini & Youth Committee. This calendar is usually published and distributed at the Kent Youth Forum (sometimes referred to as the Kent Junior Fixtures meeting), hosted by Kent RFU Mini & Youth Committee, which is held in late January each year at a nominated club. The Structured Season calendar is pre-populated with County competition dates, non playing days (Christmas, Easter etc), days on which fixtures may be played and schools competition windows. The fixtures secretary may fill in the blank Sundays with fixtures of their own making. The meeting is a good place to secure a few fixtures as it is usually well attended by Kent clubs and they are also looking to make a few fixtures.
East Kent Fixtures Meeting:
There is always an East Kent Fixtures meeting held at Whitstable. It is usually in the first week of January. The East Kent Clubs try and arrange fixtures at this meeting. The timing is sub optimal as it is always before Kent RFU have published the Structured Season calendar so there is a lot of guess work. It is worth going though as the feedback on local Rugby matters is usually quite useful.
Considerations when making fixtures:
• It is usually best to arrange the fixture by email so that there is an audit trail to confirm that it is a firm arrangement. The contact details of the POC in the target club are also recorded which is important for confirming the details prior to the fixture itself.
• When making friendly fixtures with other clubs it is usually only for the U12 – U16 age groups. The U17’s & U18’s have an almost full fixture list of competitive games mandated by Kent RFU.
• When arranging a fixture, it is usually easier to arrange for all age groups on the same weekend with the same club. Home and away can be staggered across age groups. Only the bigger clubs can usually manage this type of arrangement, so it is best to try and arrange fixtures with them first. Fill the gaps in the calendar later with individual age group fixtures with other clubs.
• When arranging fixtures the capacity at Canterbury RFC must be considered. The club has 5 pitches (including the STP) available if the mini section are away. 3 if they are home. The first team pitch should not be used unless separate permission is granted. It is usually granted for U17 & U18 matches which are almost all competition games. Junior teams require changing rooms also. If in doubt consult the facilities team or Darren Blench who allocates pitches and changing rooms.
• No junior fixtures can be arranged at Canterbury when there is a mini section festival as there will not be any pitches available.
• The fixture list needs to complete ahead of the season. It is an important planning document for the facilities team, caterers and bar as well the coaches, players and parents.
Kent Competitions:
Junior teams play in various County level competitions. U12’s – U14’s in a Waterfall style league. U15’s – U18’s in a classic league type competition. The dates are set in the structured season document. The fixture secretary must enter each age group for the relevant competition after liaising with the age group manager. This process usually starts in April/May.
Once Kent RFU have got all the entries they then publish the fixtures and detail whether they are home or away. They tend to leave this until just before the season starts. It can be rather frustrating as the club can find that it is hosting rather a lot of games and the facility can be put under pressure.

Managing the fixtures during the season
Once the season is underway the fixtures secretary manages the fixtures on a week by week basis. Very little is required. The following will keep things ticking along nicely:
• At least one week prior to the fixture contact the POC at the opposition club. Confirm that the fixture is still on, which age groups are playing where, copy in our age group managers introduce them and ask that they are introduced to their oppos in the other club.

o FOR A HOME FIXTURE – provide the address of CRFC, ask the visitors to liaise with our age group managers to arranged catering numbers. Copy Darren Blench into the message and he will organize pitches & changing rooms.
o FOR AN AWAY FIXTURE – Ask for parking details and the best address, ask our age group managers to provide them with catering numbers.