Well… What a week!!

Social distancing those two words together have changed our normal!!
Two new words have found their way into everyday language!!
Who knew anything about ‘furloughing’
Who thought that ‘zoom’ was a fruit flavoured ice lolly?

It has now become tolerable to act as a family again! Eat together, walk together, garden together, do puzzles together, play board games together and generally socialise together and watch endless repeats on TV!

It’s the norm to facetime friends and relations around the corner, around the country and the world. It’s instinctive to volunteer. And it’s taken a Pandemic to make all that and more happen…..!!

I’ve walked miles and miles and thought more thoughts than I could possibly imagine!! And in the background of all of this we have ‘our club’ to consider!
A club that will be changed forever.

We will get through this, but at the other end we are going to have to be prepared to work harder, volunteer more and understand the values of that, suck it up when disagreements arise, put in more time for things previously left for others to do and the unfortunate bit…

we’ll have to pay a little bit more too!!!

Time gives plenty of room for reflection and I’m sure everyone like me has been doing lots of that!

There is heaps that we probably haven’t got right but I can tell you there are heaps and heaps that we do get right!

Yes, there’s lots to do but if you’re missing Canterbury Rugby Club as much as I am then I know you’ll want to be there when we get through this crisis.

Thank you to all of you who have given so generously to the message that your President and I sent out. The PayPal link remains open so please if you haven’t and you can please drop a £ or two into it and encourage others to do!

Please feel free amongst your downtime to contact me over anything.

I’m proud to be the Chairman of the family that is Canterbury Rugby Club. Stay safe, Stay strong. Together we will pull through