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National League 2 South
4th September 2021Bury St EdmundsA30 - 22
11th September 2021Old AlbanianA29 - 21
18th September 2021WorthingH29 - 24
25th September 2021RochfordA20 - 19
2nd October 2021DingsH 0 - 17
9th October 2021BarnstapleA10-22
16th October 2021Leicester LionsH30-27
23rd October 2021BarnesA20-20
30th October 2021HenleyH10-19
13th November 2021HinckleyAGAME POSTPONED
20th November 2021RedruthH22-26
27th November 2021CliftonA22-19
4th December 2021WestcliffH52-15
11th December 2021EsherA26-0
18th December 2021GuernseyH29-17
8th January 2022Old AlbanianH3-12
15th January 2022WorthingA33-19
22nd January 2022RochfordH
29th January 2022DingsA
5th February 2022HinkleyA
12th February 2022BarnstapleH
19th February 2022Leicester LionsA
26th February 2022BarnesH
5th March 2022HenleyA
12th March 2022HinckleyH
26th March 2022RedruthA
2nd April 2022CliftonH
9th April 2022WestcliffA
16th April 2022EsherH
23rd April 2022GuernseyA
30th April 2022Bury St EdmundsH
Invicta A
Postponed - 11th September 2021Old AlleyniansH
25th September 2021SevenoaksH
2nd October 2021 Old AlleyniansA
13th November 2021Westcombe ParkH
20th November 2021SevenoaksH
27th November 2021SevenoaksA
4th December 2021Tunbridge Wells 2ndsH
11th December 2021Old AlleyniansH
18th December 2021MedwayH
22nd January 2022MedwayA
12th February 2022SidcupA
5th March 2022SidcupH
12th March 2022Westcombe ParkA
26th March 2022Tunbridge Wells 2ndsA
Kent & East Sussex Devision 3
18th September 2021Cranbrook 2ndsA
2nd October 2021Medway 4thsA
9th October 2021Tonbridge Judds 3rdsH
16th October 2021Ashford 2ndsH
6th November 2021Snowdon 1st IXH
13th November 2021Thanet 2ndsA
27th November 2021Dover 2ndsH
4th December 2021Deal 2ndsA
11th December 2021Sevenoaks 4thsH
8th January 2022Medway 4thsH
15th January 2022Ashford 2ndsA
29th January 2022Tonbridge Judds 3rdsA
12th February 2022Snowdon 1st XVA
19th February 2022Thanet 2ndsH
6th March 2022Dover 2ndsA
12th March 2022Deal 2ndsH
26th March 2022Sevenoaks 4thsA
2nd April 2022Cranbrook 2ndsH
Kent & East Sussex Division 4
18th September 2021CRANBROOK 3RDS A
25th September 2021OLD GRAVESENDIANS 2NDSH
2nd October 2021SHEPPEY 2NDS A
16th October 2021GILLINGHAM 3RDS H
23rd October 2021GRAVESEND 4THH
30th October 2021NEW ASH GREEN 2NDS A
6th November 2021TUNBRIDGE WELLSH
13th November 2021LORDSWOOD 2NDS A
4th December 2021VIGO 2NDS A
8th January 2022SHEPPEY 2NDS H
15th January 2022GILLINGHAM 3RDS A
22nd January 2022GRAVESEND 4THA
29th January 2022NEW ASH GREEN 2NDSH
12th February 2022TUNBRIDGE WELLS 3RDSA
19th February 2022LORDSWOOD 2NDS H
12th March 2022VIGO 2NDS H
2nd April 2022CRANBROOK 3RDS H
Kent & East Sussex Division 5
4th SeptemberLORDSWOOD 2ndsH
18th September 2021WHITSTABLE 2NDS H
25th September 2021AYLESFORD 3RDS A
2nd October 2021FOLKESTONE 3RDSH
9th October 2021ASHFORD 3RDSA
30th October 2021KENT UNI 2NDS A
13th November 2021THANET 3RDSH
27th November 2021WEAVERING 2NDSH
4th December 2021DEAL 3RDSH
11th December 2021FAVERSHAM 2NDSA
18th December 2021AYLESFORD 3RDS H
8th January 2022FOLKESTONE 3RDSA
15th January 2022ASHFORD 3RDSH
22nd January 2022Maidstone VetsH
29th January 2022KENT UNI 2NDS H
19th February 2022THANET 3RDSA
26th February 2022Dover 3rdsH
5th March 2022WEAVERING 2NDS A
12th March 2022DEAL 3RDS A
19th March 2022Dover 3rdsA
26th March 2022Faversham 2ndsA
2nd April 2022WHITSTABLE 2NDS A
26th September 2021Tonbridge Juddian LadiesH
3rd October 2021Blackheath Ladies IIA
17th October 2021Cranbrook LadiesH
7th November 2021Streatham-Croydon LadiesH
28th November 2021Heathfield & W LadiesH
5th December 2021Beccehamian LadiesA
19th December 2021Guernsey LadiesH
9th January 2022Blackheath Ladies IIH
16th January 2022Cranbrook LadiesA
6th February 2022Streatham-Croydon LadiesA
6th March 2022Heathfield & W LadiesA
20th March 2022Beccehamian LadiesH
3rd April 2022Guernsey LadiesH
10th April 2022Tonbridge Juddian LadiesA


Lock down didn’t mean shut down

What a year it has been. For all of us who have grown up watching apocalypse type films full of doomsday portent, who would have through that we would be living in our own survival movie. The toll has been catastrophic and at times heart-breaking, but one thing that has come to the fore is how resilient we are. It has been a divisive time with opinions polarised over how as global populace we can move forward and into a new era of ‘normality’. Things will never be the same again but is that such a bad thing. Look forward, move on…..

It has been a challenging time at the club, keeping positive, and maintaining a focus on the horizon and the rising sun of new possibilities. Yes, the doors have been closed, and no training or competitive games have taken place, but the club has been busier than ever. This is due in main to the many members, sponsors and donors who have generously ensured not only the survival of the club but also our ability to invest in and improve the facilities.

Springtime care work has been carried out on the pitches by the grounds crew, ready for training and matchdays. Work continues tending the gardens and plants around the pitches and clubhouse. The player’s changing rooms have been updated with better treatment facilities and a covered entrance.

The club house has had a face lift with wooden cladding added all around it making the exterior profile look a lot more elegant than when the concrete rendering was exposed. On the pitch side there is now a covered patio space where fans/visitors can enjoy the games, a drink or two or a meal under cover yet still have the al fresco experience.

Step into the club house and you will immediately see the changes. The wood burner in the corner adds comfort to what was otherwise a spartan space. Sound baffles have been added to the ceiling to control the acoustics in the room. Conversations can now be had without having to shout at the person next to you or being shared to everyone at the bar. The screens have been repositioned with sound systems and connectivity added to them to allow discrete presentations or simultaneous broadcasts across all of them. Not only a social space, but also a meeting space where groups can come to the club discuss, view presentations with tea, coffee, and refreshments at hand.

The club house space has also been remodelled to facilitate the relaunch of Saucy Flo’s, the club bistro. The kitchen has been extended and a new servery added for more efficient service. A new addition is the Breakfast Club offering a wide delicious menu to start your day.

We now have a dedicated communications team looking after our social media channels and website (new site being developed). If you have any club related comms, please contact

We are opening the clubhouse 12th April for Flo’s Breakfast Club from 8.30am to 12.30pm Monday to Friday*, Saucy Flo’s Pop-up Restaurant Wednesday to Friday from 6.00pm to 9.00pm, and Flo’s Roast Club Sunday 1.00pm to 3.30pm. View the menus –

Bar Open Monday to Friday 5pm till 9pm and Sundays 11am to 3pm

Table service only to the outside seating area. Pre-booking only –

*Sunday and non-matchday Saturdays 9.00am to 12.00pm.

We have made every effort to ensure a Covid secure environment and look forward to welcoming you all back. Meet, socialise, cheer and shout, eat and drink! There have been a lot of changes to the buildings and grounds, but the ethos stays the same, #SupportYourClub #OneClub #YourClub