2021/2022 fixtures
Canterbury RFC

The NS2 fixtures list has been released for the 21/22 season. Some great games to be had here –

4 Sep 21 Round 1
Henley v O Albanian
Hinckley v Barnes
Redruth v Leicester Lions
Clifton v Barnstaple
Westcliff v Dings
Esher v Rochford
Guernsey v Worthing
Bury St Edmunds v Canterbury


11 Sep 21 Round 2
Henley v Hinckley
Worthing v Bury St Edmunds
Rochford v Guernsey
Dings v Esher
Barnstaple v Westcliff
Leicester Lions v Clifton
Barnes v Redruth
O Albanian v Canterbury


18 Sep 21 Round 3
Hinckley v O Albanian
Redruth v Henley
Clifton v Barnes
Westcliff v Leicester Lions
Esher v Barnstaple
Guernsey v Dings
Bury St Edmunds v Rochford
Canterbury v Worthing


25 Sep 21 Round 4
Henley v Clifton
Hinckley v Redruth
Rochford v Canterbury
Dings v Bury St Edmunds
Barnstaple v Guernsey
Leicester Lions v Esher
Barnes v Westcliff
O Albanian v Worthing


2 Oct 21 Round 5
Redruth v O Albanian
Clifton v Hinckley
Westcliff v Henley
Esher v Barnes
Guernsey v Leicester Lions
Bury St Edmunds v Barnstaple
Canterbury v Dings
Worthing v Rochford


9 Oct 21 Round 6
Henley v Esher
Hinckley v Westcliff
Redruth v Clifton
Dings v Worthing
Barnstaple v Canterbury
Leicester Lions v Bury St Edmunds
Barnes v Guernsey
O Albanian v Rochford


16 Oct 21 Round 7
Clifton v O Albanian
Westcliff v Redruth
Esher v Hinckley
Guernsey v Henley
Bury St Edmunds v Barnes
Canterbury v Leicester Lions
Worthing v Barnstaple
Rochford v Dings


23 Oct 21 Round 8
Henley v Bury St Edmunds
Hinckley v Guernsey
Redruth v Esher
Clifton v Westcliff
Barnstaple v Rochford
Leicester Lions v Worthing
Barnes v Canterbury
O Albanian v Dings


30 Oct 21 Round 9
Westcliff v O Albanian
Esher v Clifton
Guernsey v Redruth
Bury St Edmunds v Hinckley
Canterbury v Henley
Worthing v Barnes
Rochford v Leicester Lions
Dings v Barnstaple


13 Nov 21 Round 10
Henley v Worthing
Hinckley v Canterbury
Redruth v Bury St Edmunds
Clifton v Guernsey
Westcliff v Esher
Leicester Lions v Dings
Barnes v Rochford
O Albanian v Barnstaple


20 Nov 21 Round 11
Esher v O Albanian
Guernsey v Westcliff
Bury St Edmunds v Clifton
Canterbury v Redruth
Worthing v Hinckley
Rochford v Henley
Dings v Barnes
Barnstaple v Leicester Lions


27 Nov 21 Round 12
Henley v Dings
Hinckley v Rochford
Redruth v Worthing
Clifton v Canterbury
Westcliff v Bury St Edmunds
Esher v Guernsey
Barnes v Barnstaple
O Albanian v Leicester Lions


4 Dec 21 Round 13
Guernsey v O Albanian
Bury St Edmunds v Esher
Canterbury v Westcliff
Worthing v Clifton
Rochford v Redruth
Dings v Hinckley
Barnstaple v Henley
Leicester Lions v Barnes


11 Dec 21 Round 14
Henley v Leicester Lions
Hinckley v Barnstaple
Redruth v Dings
Clifton v Rochford
Westcliff v Worthing
Esher v Canterbury
Guernsey v Bury St Edmunds
O Albanian v Barnes


18 Dec 21 Round 15
Bury St Edmunds v O Albanian
Canterbury v Guernsey
Worthing v Esher
Rochford v Westcliff
Dings v Clifton
Barnstaple v Redruth
Leicester Lions v Hinckley
Barnes v Henley


8 Jan 22 Round 16
Hinckley v Henley
Redruth v Barnes
Clifton v Leicester Lions
Westcliff v Barnstaple
Esher v Dings
Guernsey v Rochford
Bury St Edmunds v Worthing
Canterbury v O Albanian


15 Jan 22 Round 17
Henley v Redruth
Worthing v Canterbury
Rochford v Bury St Edmunds
Dings v Guernsey
Barnstaple v Esher
Leicester Lions v Westcliff
Barnes v Clifton
O Albanian v Hinckley


22 Jan 22 Round 18
Redruth v Hinckley
Clifton v Henley
Westcliff v Barnes
Esher v Leicester Lions
Guernsey v Barnstaple
Bury St Edmunds v Dings
Canterbury v Rochford
Worthing v O Albanian


29 Jan 22 Round 19
Henley v Westcliff
Hinckley v Clifton
Rochford v Worthing
Dings v Canterbury
Barnstaple v Bury St Edmunds
Leicester Lions v Guernsey
Barnes v Esher
O Albanian v Redruth


12 Feb 22 Round 20
Clifton v Redruth
Westcliff v Hinckley
Esher v Henley
Guernsey v Barnes
Bury St Edmunds v Leicester Lions
Canterbury v Barnstaple
Worthing v Dings
Rochford v O Albanian


19 Feb 22 Round 21
Henley v Guernsey
Hinckley v Esher
Redruth v Westcliff
Dings v Rochford
Barnstaple v Worthing
Leicester Lions v Canterbury
Barnes v Bury St Edmunds
O Albanian v Clifton


26 Feb 22 Round 22
Westcliff v Clifton
Esher v Redruth
Guernsey v Hinckley
Bury St Edmunds v Henley
Canterbury v Barnes
Worthing v Leicester Lions
Rochford v Barnstaple
Dings v O Albanian


5 Mar 22 Round 23
Henley v Canterbury
Hinckley v Bury St Edmunds
Redruth v Guernsey
Clifton v Esher
Barnstaple v Dings
Leicester Lions v Rochford
Barnes v Worthing
O Albanian v Westcliff


12 Mar 22 Round 24
Esher v Westcliff
Guernsey v Clifton
Bury St Edmunds v Redruth
Canterbury v Hinckley
Worthing v Henley
Rochford v Barnes
Dings v Leicester Lions
Barnstaple v O Albanian


26 Mar 22 Round 25
Henley v Rochford
Hinckley v Worthing
Redruth v Canterbury
Clifton v Bury St Edmunds
Westcliff v Guernsey
Leicester Lions v Barnstaple
Barnes v Dings
O Albanian v Esher


2 Apr 22 Round 26
Guernsey v Esher
Bury St Edmunds v Westcliff
Canterbury v Clifton
Worthing v Redruth
Rochford v Hinckley
Dings v Henley
Barnstaple v Barnes
Leicester Lions v O Albanian


9 Apr 22 Round 27
Henley v Barnstaple
Hinckley v Dings
Redruth v Rochford
Clifton v Worthing
Westcliff v Canterbury
Esher v Bury St Edmunds
Barnes v Leicester Lions
O Albanian v Guernsey


16 Apr 22 Round 28
Bury St Edmunds v Guernsey
Canterbury v Esher
Worthing v Westcliff
Rochford v Clifton
Dings v Redruth
Barnstaple v Hinckley
Leicester Lions v Henley
Barnes v O Albanian


23 Apr 22 Round 29
Henley v Barnes
Hinckley v Leicester Lions
Redruth v Barnstaple
Clifton v Dings
Westcliff v Rochford
Esher v Worthing
Guernsey v Canterbury
O Albanian v Bury St Edmunds


30 Apr 02 Round 30
Canterbury v Bury St Edmunds
Worthing v Guernsey
Rochford v Esher
Dings v Westcliff
Barnstaple v Clifton
Leicester Lions v Redruth
Barnes v Hinckley
O Albanian v Henley


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