Mini & Juniors contact details
Canterbury RFC

Mini and juniors (M&Js) are the lifeblood of the club. Fun is key to the training we offer, as is structure and discipline. Our coaches offer a safe environment in which M&Js learn the fundamentals, skills and fitness necessary to play.

If you wish to find out more about M&Js and how to get involved, please contact one of out team below (click on a name to email).


Key contacts

Ian Hodges – Mini & Juniors Chair

Chris Elworthy – Junior Vice-Chair

Guy Hudgell – Mini Vice-Chair

Laura Philips – Fixture Secretary



U6 YR1 Charlie Bannigan
U7 YR2 Darren Watson
U8 YR3 Rob White
U9 YR4 Peter Denys
U10 YR5 Guy Hudgell
U11 YR6 Steve Cooke
U12 YR7 Mike Sampson
U13 YR8 Renier Geldenhuys
U14 YR9 Gareth Philips
U15 YR10 Rich Collins
U16 YR11 Andy Purkis
U17 YR12 Tony White
U18 YR13 Darren Blench