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National League 2 South
4th September 2021Bury St EdmundsA30 - 22
11th September 2021Old AlbanianA29 - 21
18th September 2021WorthingH29 - 24
25th September 2021RochfordA20 - 19
2nd October 2021DingsH 0 - 17
9th October 2021BarnstapleA10-22
16th October 2021Leicester LionsH30-27
23rd October 2021BarnesA20-20
30th October 2021HenleyH10-19
13th November 2021HinckleyAGAME POSTPONED
20th November 2021RedruthH22-26
27th November 2021CliftonA22-19
4th December 2021WestcliffH52-15
11th December 2021EsherA26-0
18th December 2021GuernseyH29-17
8th January 2022Old AlbanianH3-12
15th January 2022WorthingA33-19
22nd January 2022RochfordH
29th January 2022DingsA
5th February 2022HinkleyA
12th February 2022BarnstapleH
19th February 2022Leicester LionsA
26th February 2022BarnesH
5th March 2022HenleyA
12th March 2022HinckleyH
26th March 2022RedruthA
2nd April 2022CliftonH
9th April 2022WestcliffA
16th April 2022EsherH
23rd April 2022GuernseyA
30th April 2022Bury St EdmundsH
Invicta A
Postponed - 11th September 2021Old AlleyniansH
25th September 2021SevenoaksH
2nd October 2021 Old AlleyniansA
13th November 2021Westcombe ParkH
20th November 2021SevenoaksH
27th November 2021SevenoaksA
4th December 2021Tunbridge Wells 2ndsH
11th December 2021Old AlleyniansH
18th December 2021MedwayH
22nd January 2022MedwayA
12th February 2022SidcupA
5th March 2022SidcupH
12th March 2022Westcombe ParkA
26th March 2022Tunbridge Wells 2ndsA
Kent & East Sussex Devision 3
18th September 2021Cranbrook 2ndsA
2nd October 2021Medway 4thsA
9th October 2021Tonbridge Judds 3rdsH
16th October 2021Ashford 2ndsH
6th November 2021Snowdon 1st IXH
13th November 2021Thanet 2ndsA
27th November 2021Dover 2ndsH
4th December 2021Deal 2ndsA
11th December 2021Sevenoaks 4thsH
8th January 2022Medway 4thsH
15th January 2022Ashford 2ndsA
29th January 2022Tonbridge Judds 3rdsA
12th February 2022Snowdon 1st XVA
19th February 2022Thanet 2ndsH
6th March 2022Dover 2ndsA
12th March 2022Deal 2ndsH
26th March 2022Sevenoaks 4thsA
2nd April 2022Cranbrook 2ndsH
Kent & East Sussex Division 4
18th September 2021CRANBROOK 3RDS A
25th September 2021OLD GRAVESENDIANS 2NDSH
2nd October 2021SHEPPEY 2NDS A
16th October 2021GILLINGHAM 3RDS H
23rd October 2021GRAVESEND 4THH
30th October 2021NEW ASH GREEN 2NDS A
6th November 2021TUNBRIDGE WELLSH
13th November 2021LORDSWOOD 2NDS A
4th December 2021VIGO 2NDS A
8th January 2022SHEPPEY 2NDS H
15th January 2022GILLINGHAM 3RDS A
22nd January 2022GRAVESEND 4THA
29th January 2022NEW ASH GREEN 2NDSH
12th February 2022TUNBRIDGE WELLS 3RDSA
19th February 2022LORDSWOOD 2NDS H
12th March 2022VIGO 2NDS H
2nd April 2022CRANBROOK 3RDS H
Kent & East Sussex Division 5
4th SeptemberLORDSWOOD 2ndsH
18th September 2021WHITSTABLE 2NDS H
25th September 2021AYLESFORD 3RDS A
2nd October 2021FOLKESTONE 3RDSH
9th October 2021ASHFORD 3RDSA
30th October 2021KENT UNI 2NDS A
13th November 2021THANET 3RDSH
27th November 2021WEAVERING 2NDSH
4th December 2021DEAL 3RDSH
11th December 2021FAVERSHAM 2NDSA
18th December 2021AYLESFORD 3RDS H
8th January 2022FOLKESTONE 3RDSA
15th January 2022ASHFORD 3RDSH
22nd January 2022Maidstone VetsH
29th January 2022KENT UNI 2NDS H
19th February 2022THANET 3RDSA
26th February 2022Dover 3rdsH
5th March 2022WEAVERING 2NDS A
12th March 2022DEAL 3RDS A
19th March 2022Dover 3rdsA
26th March 2022Faversham 2ndsA
2nd April 2022WHITSTABLE 2NDS A
26th September 2021Tonbridge Juddian LadiesH
3rd October 2021Blackheath Ladies IIA
17th October 2021Cranbrook LadiesH
7th November 2021Streatham-Croydon LadiesH
28th November 2021Heathfield & W LadiesH
5th December 2021Beccehamian LadiesA
19th December 2021Guernsey LadiesH
9th January 2022Blackheath Ladies IIH
16th January 2022Cranbrook LadiesA
6th February 2022Streatham-Croydon LadiesA
6th March 2022Heathfield & W LadiesA
20th March 2022Beccehamian LadiesH
3rd April 2022Guernsey LadiesH
10th April 2022Tonbridge Juddian LadiesA


2021/2022 fixtures

The NS2 fixtures list has been released for the 21/22 season. Some great games to be had here –

4 Sep 21 Round 1
Henley v O Albanian
Hinckley v Barnes
Redruth v Leicester Lions
Clifton v Barnstaple
Westcliff v Dings
Esher v Rochford
Guernsey v Worthing
Bury St Edmunds v Canterbury


11 Sep 21 Round 2
Henley v Hinckley
Worthing v Bury St Edmunds
Rochford v Guernsey
Dings v Esher
Barnstaple v Westcliff
Leicester Lions v Clifton
Barnes v Redruth
O Albanian v Canterbury


18 Sep 21 Round 3
Hinckley v O Albanian
Redruth v Henley
Clifton v Barnes
Westcliff v Leicester Lions
Esher v Barnstaple
Guernsey v Dings
Bury St Edmunds v Rochford
Canterbury v Worthing


25 Sep 21 Round 4
Henley v Clifton
Hinckley v Redruth
Rochford v Canterbury
Dings v Bury St Edmunds
Barnstaple v Guernsey
Leicester Lions v Esher
Barnes v Westcliff
O Albanian v Worthing


2 Oct 21 Round 5
Redruth v O Albanian
Clifton v Hinckley
Westcliff v Henley
Esher v Barnes
Guernsey v Leicester Lions
Bury St Edmunds v Barnstaple
Canterbury v Dings
Worthing v Rochford


9 Oct 21 Round 6
Henley v Esher
Hinckley v Westcliff
Redruth v Clifton
Dings v Worthing
Barnstaple v Canterbury
Leicester Lions v Bury St Edmunds
Barnes v Guernsey
O Albanian v Rochford


16 Oct 21 Round 7
Clifton v O Albanian
Westcliff v Redruth
Esher v Hinckley
Guernsey v Henley
Bury St Edmunds v Barnes
Canterbury v Leicester Lions
Worthing v Barnstaple
Rochford v Dings


23 Oct 21 Round 8
Henley v Bury St Edmunds
Hinckley v Guernsey
Redruth v Esher
Clifton v Westcliff
Barnstaple v Rochford
Leicester Lions v Worthing
Barnes v Canterbury
O Albanian v Dings


30 Oct 21 Round 9
Westcliff v O Albanian
Esher v Clifton
Guernsey v Redruth
Bury St Edmunds v Hinckley
Canterbury v Henley
Worthing v Barnes
Rochford v Leicester Lions
Dings v Barnstaple


13 Nov 21 Round 10
Henley v Worthing
Hinckley v Canterbury
Redruth v Bury St Edmunds
Clifton v Guernsey
Westcliff v Esher
Leicester Lions v Dings
Barnes v Rochford
O Albanian v Barnstaple


20 Nov 21 Round 11
Esher v O Albanian
Guernsey v Westcliff
Bury St Edmunds v Clifton
Canterbury v Redruth
Worthing v Hinckley
Rochford v Henley
Dings v Barnes
Barnstaple v Leicester Lions


27 Nov 21 Round 12
Henley v Dings
Hinckley v Rochford
Redruth v Worthing
Clifton v Canterbury
Westcliff v Bury St Edmunds
Esher v Guernsey
Barnes v Barnstaple
O Albanian v Leicester Lions


4 Dec 21 Round 13
Guernsey v O Albanian
Bury St Edmunds v Esher
Canterbury v Westcliff
Worthing v Clifton
Rochford v Redruth
Dings v Hinckley
Barnstaple v Henley
Leicester Lions v Barnes


11 Dec 21 Round 14
Henley v Leicester Lions
Hinckley v Barnstaple
Redruth v Dings
Clifton v Rochford
Westcliff v Worthing
Esher v Canterbury
Guernsey v Bury St Edmunds
O Albanian v Barnes


18 Dec 21 Round 15
Bury St Edmunds v O Albanian
Canterbury v Guernsey
Worthing v Esher
Rochford v Westcliff
Dings v Clifton
Barnstaple v Redruth
Leicester Lions v Hinckley
Barnes v Henley


8 Jan 22 Round 16
Hinckley v Henley
Redruth v Barnes
Clifton v Leicester Lions
Westcliff v Barnstaple
Esher v Dings
Guernsey v Rochford
Bury St Edmunds v Worthing
Canterbury v O Albanian


15 Jan 22 Round 17
Henley v Redruth
Worthing v Canterbury
Rochford v Bury St Edmunds
Dings v Guernsey
Barnstaple v Esher
Leicester Lions v Westcliff
Barnes v Clifton
O Albanian v Hinckley


22 Jan 22 Round 18
Redruth v Hinckley
Clifton v Henley
Westcliff v Barnes
Esher v Leicester Lions
Guernsey v Barnstaple
Bury St Edmunds v Dings
Canterbury v Rochford
Worthing v O Albanian


29 Jan 22 Round 19
Henley v Westcliff
Hinckley v Clifton
Rochford v Worthing
Dings v Canterbury
Barnstaple v Bury St Edmunds
Leicester Lions v Guernsey
Barnes v Esher
O Albanian v Redruth


12 Feb 22 Round 20
Clifton v Redruth
Westcliff v Hinckley
Esher v Henley
Guernsey v Barnes
Bury St Edmunds v Leicester Lions
Canterbury v Barnstaple
Worthing v Dings
Rochford v O Albanian


19 Feb 22 Round 21
Henley v Guernsey
Hinckley v Esher
Redruth v Westcliff
Dings v Rochford
Barnstaple v Worthing
Leicester Lions v Canterbury
Barnes v Bury St Edmunds
O Albanian v Clifton


26 Feb 22 Round 22
Westcliff v Clifton
Esher v Redruth
Guernsey v Hinckley
Bury St Edmunds v Henley
Canterbury v Barnes
Worthing v Leicester Lions
Rochford v Barnstaple
Dings v O Albanian


5 Mar 22 Round 23
Henley v Canterbury
Hinckley v Bury St Edmunds
Redruth v Guernsey
Clifton v Esher
Barnstaple v Dings
Leicester Lions v Rochford
Barnes v Worthing
O Albanian v Westcliff


12 Mar 22 Round 24
Esher v Westcliff
Guernsey v Clifton
Bury St Edmunds v Redruth
Canterbury v Hinckley
Worthing v Henley
Rochford v Barnes
Dings v Leicester Lions
Barnstaple v O Albanian


26 Mar 22 Round 25
Henley v Rochford
Hinckley v Worthing
Redruth v Canterbury
Clifton v Bury St Edmunds
Westcliff v Guernsey
Leicester Lions v Barnstaple
Barnes v Dings
O Albanian v Esher


2 Apr 22 Round 26
Guernsey v Esher
Bury St Edmunds v Westcliff
Canterbury v Clifton
Worthing v Redruth
Rochford v Hinckley
Dings v Henley
Barnstaple v Barnes
Leicester Lions v O Albanian


9 Apr 22 Round 27
Henley v Barnstaple
Hinckley v Dings
Redruth v Rochford
Clifton v Worthing
Westcliff v Canterbury
Esher v Bury St Edmunds
Barnes v Leicester Lions
O Albanian v Guernsey


16 Apr 22 Round 28
Bury St Edmunds v Guernsey
Canterbury v Esher
Worthing v Westcliff
Rochford v Clifton
Dings v Redruth
Barnstaple v Hinckley
Leicester Lions v Henley
Barnes v O Albanian


23 Apr 22 Round 29
Henley v Barnes
Hinckley v Leicester Lions
Redruth v Barnstaple
Clifton v Dings
Westcliff v Rochford
Esher v Worthing
Guernsey v Canterbury
O Albanian v Bury St Edmunds


30 Apr 02 Round 30
Canterbury v Bury St Edmunds
Worthing v Guernsey
Rochford v Esher
Dings v Westcliff
Barnstaple v Clifton
Leicester Lions v Redruth
Barnes v Hinckley
O Albanian v Henley


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